CREATOR Membership (12 Months): UNLIMITED Self Tapes, Voice Overs, and Services


unlimited self tapes in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Burbank, and more by the best self tape studio in Hollywood. Known for booking roles!

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Product Description

With the Creator Membership you can use the services of any The Creation Station Studios, anytime you need to! Creator members receive unlimited rush edits, coachings, footage/takes, teleprompter use, and other services!
(12 Month Package)

Additionally, Creator Members CAN CANCEL and/or reschedule their sessions without incurring any cancelation charges. Just one annual payment and that’s it!

Included with membership is UNLIMITED:
(1) Studio session time for: Self tapes, voice overs, podcasts, vlogs, etc.
(2) Rush edits
(3) Coachings
(4) Direct upload services
(5) Teleprompter setup and use
(6) Scenes takes: receive as many takes of your scene as you want!


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