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The Creation Station Studios is is one of the premiere, full service entertainment facilities for actors! Our curriculum is structured by, Donnabella Mortel & Kevin L. Walker. They both have a finely tuned understanding of the entertainment industry, have trained and worked with a large variety of the industry’s most well respected teachers, actors/actresses, producers, casting directors, agents, executives, and other key figures. The “Seasoned Actor” class was created with a core focuses being, ensuring that actors learn, grow, gain substance, and retain value to help them further their careers. We offer a professionally sculpted acting curriculum dedicated to providing actors with the tools necessary to succeed in today’s competitive entertainment industry. Each actor has his/her own unique essence and brand that must be discovered, curated, cultivated, and then presented in the best ways possible. We pride ourselves on helping our actors learn to tap into their creative/emotional reservoirs, add dynamic value to their craft, and make impressive decisions both in front of and behind the camera. Our actors dive into understanding scenes, their genres, their mediums, and how to organically make momentous decisions.

$200.00 / month

  • Four (4) classes per (1 class per week)
  • Each actor receives approximately 20 minutes of coaching and on-camera time per class session
  • All actors have the opportunity to work during each on-camera workout session.
  • All actors are expected to come prepared
  • Actors may also bring actual auditions into class in lieu of class work
  • Each actor receives a professionally self taped (4K), recorded, and edited file of all of their class work/auditions for the month.

Class Size: Each class is limited to ten (10) spots each!

Class Days & Times: Wednesday & Friday  7:00pm-9:00/9:30pm

Class Location: The Creation Station Studios Headquarters – 5250 Lankershim Blvd. Suite 500, North Hollywood, CA 91601

Primary Class Focuses

In order to book a job, you must first understand what is required to deliver polished auditions. We break down the mechanics of auditioning from both sides of the camera, so that each actor can understand how to deliver well-rounded and seasoned auditions.

Each performing arts medium (film/television/commercial/theater) has its own requirements and specifics. From your overall movement, pacing, tone, cadence, volume, expression, and more! Honing your on-camera skills sets is essential, which is why all classes include useful on camera work which literally shows our actors how they can make changes to deliver dynamic and memorable performances.

Each role was literally written for a specific reason in the overall production. Understanding your character, their intended purpose in the performance, the genre, the medium, and the style of the writer & director attached, arc are quintessential.  We dissect all of the previously mentioned and more, giving our actors valuable tools and ingredients needed to effectively break down scripts/scenes and succeed in this entertainment business.

Each character in a performance has their own intended written purpose and exists to tell a story. We guide our actors on truly discovering and understanding their roles/characters, their intentions, and their backstory.

One of the most valuable skills required to succeed a professional actor, is the ability to make your performance seem organic and natural. We take a deep dive into the organics of acting, chemistry, “real-time thoughts,” and more, so that our actors stand out and deliver memorable performances.

Steps for Enrolling in Class

1. Apply (FREE)
In an effort to foster the best creative environment possible for all of our actors, each actor must apply for our “Seasoned Actor” class. Easily apply below! Consultations are held Wednesdays and Fridays, at times convenient for you and the consulting instructor.

2. Schedule a Consultation ($50 flat)
If approved, you will then receive an invitation to schedule a consultation with one of our instructors. This is essentially a one on one consultation/coaching session, which allow us to determine which class would be the best fit for you, and the rest of the applicable class. You will receive a scene ahead of time, and be expected to come in prepared to do an in-depth work-through of the scene/audition. You will also receive a professional self tape of your consultation (before and after).

3. Ongoing Class Placement ($200/month)
Based on your consultation, you will be placed in the class that will benefit you and the entire class the most.