Discounts / Deals / Rewards

We’re founded and run by actors and have encountered and understand the grind of the entertainment industry. We try to offer as many deals as we can.

Here are some!

1) Actorganizer Discount (Exclusive!)

Each The Creation Station Station Studios client is automatically created an ActOrganizer account. Simply register or claim your FREE account, and start receiving discounts on all of your The Creation Station Studios visits and purchases!

ActOrganizer Logo (large)ActOrganizer profile = 2-6% OFF EVERY PURCHASE

Simply show us your profile page at checkout! – Also easily earn Piiggy Bank points in various different ways!

Piiggy Bank Points Amount Awarded Action to Gain Points Piiggy Bank Points Recipient
2,000 points Open a New ActOrganizer Account. The New user
5,000 points Refer a New user to ActOrganizer The Referrer
500 points Daily Login to Your Account The Account Owner


Kevin L Walker - ActOrganizer - Network with Actors, Agents, Managers, Actresees, Producers, Models, Studios, Networks, and more - Apply for jobs, positions, casting calls

2) Google/Gmail Review Discount (Exclusive!)

A constructive Gmail/Google review = 2-6% OFF Every Visit!


  1. Simply login to your gmail/google account, and leave a review at the location(s) you visit.
  2. Show your session operator your gmail/google review at checkout!
  3. That’s it!

3) Piiggy Bank Rewards Points!


Piiggy Bank Points are an exclusive way you can easily earn on every dollar they spend AND for each new client you refer, here at the Creation Station Studios! Piiggy Bank Points can be redeemed for a variety of products and services, gift cards, and even cash back!

Piiggy Bank Points Redeemable Reward
5,010 points $5.00 OFF entire transaction!
15,000 points $10.00 OFF entire transaction!
16,500 points 50% OFF Rush Edit/Delivery!
17,000 points FREE “Rush Edit/Delivery’
19,000 points FREE ‘Coaching’
25,000 points $50.00 OFF entire transaction!
80,000 points $100 Cash OR Store Credit (You must contact support to redeem)
90,000 points $250 Gift Card for Retailopolis (You must contact support to redeem)

Piiggy Bank Points balances can be combined amongst any participating partners!

4) CREATOR Membership


front creator Membership

The CREATOR Membership is extremely convenient and cost effective way for actors to professionally record their self tape auditions and/or auditions voice over auditions. All membership holders receive a yearly package of exclusive access to The Creation Station Studios services and services, which can be utilized at any The Creation Station Studios location.

Membership Details & Benefits:

  • Each membership duration is Twelve (12) months/One year
  • Unlimited Recording of Self Tapes, Voice-Overs, Running Lines/Preparing for live auditions, Vlogs, Scenes, and more: Use any The Creation Station Studios location, anytime
  • Unlimited Rush Edit/Deliveries
  • Unlimited Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited Teleprompter Use
  • Parking Validation

See Membership details for limitations.

Self Tape Auditions - Acting Coaching - at The Creation Station Studios. Pay over time.