PRO front creator Membership

We understand navigating through this complex entertainment industry can be tricky. Get the most out each audition & save time and money, with out PRO Self Tape Membership.

Included with PRO Membership:

  • Reschedule or Location Change

    One (1) Reschedule (NOT cancel) or Location Change of an ‘Original‘ appointment, within our cancelation period (subject to availability and we must receive at least 4 hours advance notice about the change).

  • Rush Edit/Delivery ($25 value!)

    Add a complimentary “Rush Edit/Delivery” to one (1) of your sessions, each month.

  • Coaching ($35 value!)

    Add “Coaching” to one (1) of your sessions, each month.

  • 5 'Extra Minutes,' per session ($5-$7.50 value)

    Receive (5) FREE “Extra Minutes” on EVERY session you book.

Billed monthly and you can cancel anytime!