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Negotiations Resume Tuesday as the SAFAFTRA Strike Drags On with Large Economic Ripples hitting LA’s Community

Unveiling the Dynamics of the 2023 Actors' Strike Insights and Updates

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In the midst of the ongoing historic actors’ strike of 2023, SAG-AFTRA and Hollywood studios are slated to reconvene at the negotiating table on Tuesday. Following a day of internal deliberations, both parties determined the next date for future discussions. The negotiating committee conveyed to members on Monday night, “The committee worked independently today. We will be meeting with the AMPTP Tuesday. While talks over the past week have been productive, we remain far apart on key issues.” Notably, significant unresolved matters include the implementation of AI guardrails.

The negotiating committee emphasized, “Please help us keep pressure on the AMPTP by showing up on the picket lines, raising your voices at rallies across the country and by posting messages of support and strength on social media.”

Negotiations resumed on Tuesday, Oct. 24 and have been ongoing intermittently, even over the weekend. Although the framework for a new three-year contract has not yet been established, this recent round of talks has generated a renewed sense of optimism among sources on both sides. As of Monday, the actors’ strike has persisted for 109 days, exerting a toll on both the entertainment industry and the broader economy. When combined with the former writers’ worker stoppage, which concluded in September, these events have collectively incurred an estimated $6 billion loss for the U.S.

Members of the negotiating committee, including Sean Astin and Frances Fisher, joined the SAG-AFTRA picket lines on Monday, responding to the union’s call the previous night to “join us and flood the picket lines in the morning.”

In tandem with these labor actions, there have been recent initiatives to aid those affected in the Los Angeles area. Several food drives have been organized to support individuals and families grappling with the financial repercussions of the strike. In a bid to make ends meet, actors have also turned to full-time positions in restaurants, highlighting the multifaceted impact of the strike on the industry’s workforce. Businesses and residents alike have experienced catastrophic financial setbacks due to the dearth of work and the resulting ripple effect. It’s a stark reminder that one person’s spending is another’s income, and the interconnectedness of the industry has far-reaching economic implications.

In alignment with the union’s emphasis on AI regulation in this year’s contract negotiations, SAG-AFTRA also expressed gratitude to President Joe Biden on Monday for issuing an executive order aimed at ensuring the “safe, secure and trustworthy” deployment of AI technology, with specific provisions for safeguarding workers from harmful applications. Describing the order as “groundbreaking,” the union added, “For strong, safe & responsible AI development & use, it is imperative that workers & unions remain at the forefront of policy development. We look forward to working together for a human-centered approach.”

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