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Creator Membership: Lifetime UNLIMITED Self Tapes, Voice Overs, and Services

unlimited use of self tape, voice overs, coaching, rush edits, and other services in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Burbank, and more by the best self tape studio in Hollywood. Known for booking roles!



Unlock exclusive benefits and maximize your self-tape experience with our membership program. Enjoy discounted pricing and a range of valuable perks designed to enhance your audition process. Take advantage of the following perks every month:



1. Unlimited Sessions: With your membership, you’ll receive unlimited sessions self-tape sessions per month, ensuring you have ample opportunities to perfect your auditions. Our professional studio environment and top-notch equipment will elevate the quality of your self-tapes, helping you stand out from the competition.

2. Unlimited Coaching (valued at $35 each):Take your performances to the next level with unlimited coaching sessions. Our experienced acting coaches will provide personalized guidance, helping you refine your delivery during the recording, explore character choices, and bring your memorable performances to life.

3. Unlimited Teleprompter Use (valued at $20 each): Master your lines effortlessly with unlimited teleprompter use. Our teleprompter system enables you to deliver your lines smoothly and confidently, ensuring you stay on track and deliver a professional performance every time.

4. Unlimited Direct Uploads (valued at $10 each): Streamline the submission process with unlimited direct uploads. Easily upload your self-tapes directly from our studio, saving you time and hassle. Seamlessly submit your auditions to casting directors, agents, and managers without any limitations.

5. Receive Unlimited takes: when you self tape receive all of your takes for each scene you record.

6. Flexible Rescheduling and Location Switches:
We understand that your schedule may change, which is why we offer the flexibility to reschedule your sessions or switch locations when you need to.

7. A FREE Wealth Guardian NFT which allows holders to claim FREE Cardano $ADA everyday from The Creation Station Studios and partner websites like Walkernova.

How it works:

  1. Purchase a Lifetime membership.
  2. Book when you need to.
  3. Upon expiration you may renew your membership for $599 (not another full year of payment). The renewal fee is then just $599 per year.


Refund Policy:

All creator member sales are final. There is no prorated refund option available. See full details here in the terms.




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