Forming a Business/Loan-Out Company for a Actors, Artists, Entertainers, and Influencers

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Actors, artists, and entertainers contract their services through a so-called “Loan-Out Company.” We sat down with entrepreneur/actor Kevin L. Walker to hash out the details involving Loan Outs for actors/actresses, influencers, entertainers, producers, etc..  There is a lot of confusion amongst industry professionals about the reason(s) behind establishing a “Loan-Out”Company, or whether establishing a Loan-Out Company is even a good idea at all for their circumstances.

Celebrities that Love Blockchain, Bitcoin, and/or Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency has garnered a lot more mainstream attention as we enter 2018. Celebrities that have expressed interest in cryptocurrency range from Kevin L. Walker, Floyd Mayweather, Jamie Foxx, NAS, Donald Glover, paris Hilton, Mike Tyson, and more..

Creative Geniusess, Kevin L. Walker & Donnabella Mortel Give Viewers A Free Treat with “Let Me In”

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A free horror treat Starring Kevin L. Walker (Vigilante Diaries, The Young and The Restless), Donnabella Mortel (How to Get Away With Murder).

Vigilante Diaries Starring Hits Theaters And iTunes June 24th and Blu-Ray/DVD July 5th

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Anchor Bay Ent. will theatrically release the action-comedy VIGILANTE DIARIES, Starring Kevin L. Walker, Rampage Jackson, and Michael Jai White. The film will be in select theaters and on iTunes June 24th! On Blu-ray™, DVD and On Demand July 5th.

William Morris Endeavor to Produce Web Series ‘Vigilante Diaries’ Starring Kevin L. Walker and Jason Mewes

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Kevin L. Walker, Jason Mewes (“Clerks,” the “Jay and Silent Bob” films), and Paul Sloan (I Am Wrath) co-star in a new ground breaking approach to crowdfunding, building a fanbase for their latest project, the action comedy “Vigilante Diaries.”