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Wealth Guardian NFT Pass



Elevate Your Prosperity with Unprecedented Value! Are you in search of an membership that not only protects your wealth but also provides a wealth of opportunities? Look no further! The Wealth Guardian Pass is a beacon of financial innovation, meticulously designed to secure your financial future while unlocking a treasure trove of exclusive benefits. Minted by Walkernova on the Cardano $ADA blockhain.


Pass Benefits/Perks:

  1. Earn and claim Cardano $ADA daily at participating partner websites like The Creation Station Studios and Walkernova. Just login and it’s automatically added to your wallet balance.
  2. a FREE Creator Membership for LIFETIME UNLIMITED access to any The Creation Station Studios® location and unlimited use of their services.
  3. Access to future exclusive events

If you are paying with credit or debit card, you will need to purchase a Creator Membership and receive your FREE Wealth Guardian NFT. Presently the checkout system only allows for Wealth Guardian NFTs to be purchased with cryptocurrency.


Why Choose Wealth Guardian NFT?

1. Inflation-Proof Prosperity:
– In a world of economic uncertainty, preserving your wealth is crucial. The Wealth Guardian NFT ensures that your investment stands resilient against the erosive force of inflation.

2. NFT Technology:
– Embracing the groundbreaking power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), we’ve forged an investment avenue like no other. Your ownership is digitally inscribed, delivering unmatched security and transparency.

3. Passport to Financial Stability:
– Consider it your personal passport to an affluent future. With Wealth Guardian NFT, you’re not merely investing in your career; you’re fortifying the bedrock of your financial journey.

4. Access to all The Creation Station Studios® :
– Unlock unlimited usage and access to any Creation Station Studios location. All Wealth Guardian Holders receive a “Creator Membership” which allows you to record self-tapes, conduct voice-overs, receive expert coaching, and delve into comprehensive acting career consultations, all at your disposal.

5. Exclusive Walkernova Merchandise:
– As a Wealth Guardian NFT holder, you gain privileged access to Walkernova merchandise, exemplifying a mark of distinction in the entertainment industry.

6. Affiliate Commission of 50%:
– Seamlessly enter the affiliate realm with an enticing 50% commission on Walkernova merchandise, opening doors to additional revenue streams.

7. Earn Rewards of 2 $ADA Per Day:
– As an added bonus, enjoy a daily earnings potential of 2 $ADA for the entire duration of your Wealth Guardian NFT investment, enhancing your financial horizon.

8. Innovative Security Measures:
– Your investment is fortified by state-of-the-art security protocols, guaranteeing that your financial future remains impervious to external threats.

9. Expert Guidance, Always:
– Our team of financial experts is steadfast in your prosperity. Benefit from personalized advice and resources tailored to amplify your financial acumen.

Seize this moment to be a part of a financial evolution. The Wealth Guardian NFT transcends conventional investments; it’s a testament to your unwavering confidence in your financial journey. Take the inaugural step towards securing your prosperity – invest in Wealth Guardian NFT today!




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