SAGAFTRA Strike Continues: Studios and Streamers Make “Last, Best, and Final” Offer

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On Saturday, Hollywood studios and major streamers presented what they claim to be their final proposal to end the 114-day actors’ strike to SAG-AFTRA leadership. The offer includes an enhanced residual bonus for high-performing streaming shows, doubling standard streaming residuals for actors on the most-watched shows on each platform. This surpasses the deal provided to […]

How to Self Tape Audition the Best Way Every Time

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In today’s digital age, self-taping auditions have become a cornerstone of the casting process for actors. This method allows performers to showcase their skills from the comfort of their own space. While self-taping is a valuable skill for actors to possess, there are instances where enlisting professional self-taping services is not just a convenience, but […]

Self-Taped Auditions are Here to Stay: Challenges and Ongoing Negotiations with SAG-AFTRA Strike

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Self-taped auditions are undoubtedly here to stay, revolutionizing the casting process in the entertainment industry. By prioritizing equity, transparency, and efficiency, the industry can ensure that self-taped auditions continue to benefit both performers and casting professionals alike. 

Casting Director Gate Keepers and the Rise of Self-Taping: Empowering Actors and Transforming the Industry

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The dynamics between casting directors and actors have long been a subject of debate within the entertainment industry. While casting directors play a crucial role in the casting process, majority of actors argue that the industry’s casting directors/gatekeepers are not always looking out for their best interests, and it is undeniable that self tapes present unparalleled amounts of opportunities. Over the last decade, self-taping has emerged as a powerful alternative, giving actors more control over their auditions and challenging the traditional casting landscape. This article explores the rise of self-taping as a means of empowerment for actors and its potential to reshape the industry.

The Perils of Poor Production: How Amateur Self-Tapes Impact Your Audition Bookings

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Ensure your self-tape auditions stand out with our article highlighting the detrimental effects of poor framing, picture resolution, sound, and lighting on your audition bookings and professional image in the industry. Discover the importance of investing in quality production to elevate your chances of success.