Self-Taped Auditions are Here to Stay: Challenges and Ongoing Negotiations with SAG-AFTRA Strike

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Self-taped auditions are undoubtedly here to stay, revolutionizing the casting process in the entertainment industry. By prioritizing equity, transparency, and efficiency, the industry can ensure that self-taped auditions continue to benefit both performers and casting professionals alike. 

The Perils of Poor Production: How Amateur Self-Tapes Impact Your Audition Bookings

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Ensure your self-tape auditions stand out with our article highlighting the detrimental effects of poor framing, picture resolution, sound, and lighting on your audition bookings and professional image in the industry. Discover the importance of investing in quality production to elevate your chances of success.

Whats “Essential” and NOT in Los Angeles: What you should know about Coronavirus/COVID19

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As Los Angeles goes into quarantine Essential businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies, Newspapers, magazines, television, radio, self tapes studios, podcasts, and other media services will remain open.

COVID-19 Operations Announcment — Steps ‘The Creation Station Studios’ Team is Taking!


Dear Valued Customers! As of now, we will continue to be open at our regular hours, as usual, and service clients that have appointments scheduled. We are kindly asking clients to assist us in reducing the risk of exposure so we may maximize our sanitation procedures for the benefit of our community and our team […]

Actress Donnabella Mortel Shares Tips on How to Become an ACTOR and Take Headshots

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Ever consider acting as a career?  While we’re all in it for FUN, wouldn’t it be great to get called in for real auditions, and be considered for real work?!  The most important marketing tool, from novice to pro, is an actor’s headshot.  While it may be the key to your success, you don’t have to dread the process!  In this course, you’ll quickly and efficiently learn everything you need to know to set up, execute, and complete your portfolio of headshots.